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Where to buy paint in Belgium

July 3, 2011

The short answer is … in Germany.  Just a 1.5 hour drive away from Brussels, there’s Aachen with a myriad of shops for any kind of renovation or construction project you can think of. And, importantly, in many cases, prices are about the third of what you will pay for paints in Belgium’s Brico, Gamma and the like.


It of course greatly helps if you can speak German, but even if you don’t, an adventurous spirit, a little bit of “homework” putting the required addresses into your GPS,  and you are good to go.


If you want to get paint for your walls, ceilings and woodwork, our recommended destinations are Bauhaus and Obi. These are big chains of do-it-yourself stores, similar to Brico, but with a larger selection of items — at better prices.  There are plenty of Bauhauses and Obis near Aachen.

In terms of price/quality ratio, our preferred choice was Bauhaus’s own label of paints. We just selected the shades we wanted from their wide choice of colors, and they mixed it right away. Obi’s own label had good color tones, but we found the quality to be not as good as Bauhaus’s. Luckily, we got Obi’s paint only for one room.


Viel Spass!

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