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Where to buy cement tiles in Belgium

March 10, 2011

In case you consider decorating your house with cement tiles (see this blog post about cement tiles), the March 2011 issue of home decoration magazine Deco Design (p. 147) gives a good list of addresses in Belgium. Here you go:

1) Emery & CIE :

2) Carrelages du Marais (already mentioned in our previous post)

3) Bechet Ceramic in Arlon

4) Carocim

5) La cimenterie de la Tour

6) Mosaic del Sur

7) De Tegel

8 Couleurs et Matieres

9) Kempischebouwmaterialen

The latter can come in handy if you want to restore the old tiles in your house — this shop has a large collection of second hand tiles that might match yours!

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  1. October 12, 2011 4:25 pm

    Hi! We are also renovating a house at the moment and I found this post about the cement tiles. Great that you write these suggestions in English!

    There are several other places where you can find “original” cement tiles (second hand ones), for example at StefAntiek ( or there is a place in the vallonian town called La Louviere. This one is quite a trip from Brussels, but its worth it, we found really amazing ones there. (We felt that we were practically saving belgian cultural heritage, as the tiles are not really protected from the weather or anything else.)

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