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Color in interior design

March 8, 2011

We’ve had all the walls replastered. We’ve changed the heating, electricity, and replaced all windows. We’ve put lots of insulation everywhere. Generally speaking, we’ve pretty much made a totally new house whilst preserving the look and feel of our 20’s villa.


But funnily enough, having completed this massive amount of work rather successfully, I am now stumbling on something that SHOULD be easy.


I just can’t choose the colors for the walls!

Our daughter is selecting the wall paint for her room. "It should be pink or yellow, or both!"

Or rather, I guess I like too many different colors. I spend time imagining different color palettes in my house, because I know that color is super important in getting that right look and feel. As much as it is important in influencing your mood. I’ve written about the role of color in graphic design, and branding in general, on my professional blog.  To give you a simple summary, the choice of color for your logo, for instance, plays an important role in creating a certain perception about your product, or company in general.


So, how to begin choosing the colors for your house? To get some help on this, we’ve posted a call for young interior designers who could advise us on this important matter. We’ve received some feedback already, and will be meeting with some people passionate about interior design pretty soon!


And meanwhile, if you know any rules and tips about how to give a go at that color palette for your house, share them with us!




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