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Looking for interior design students

February 22, 2011

Hi everyone! The spring is almost here, and our house is almost ready! We’ve  been living here already for quite some time, but it still needs some final touches. Namely, we decided to postpone painting and interior decorations until the house is completely dry. There has been SO MUCH new plastering done during the renovation works that we thought it would be wise to wait.

But now the time has come, and we’ll be adding splashes of color to our interior soon.

We’re now in the process of coming up with a concept, and color selection for our interior decoration works. It’s just the final touch, and yet, it will determine the character of the house. That’s why, although we can of course handle this kind of job on our own, we thought we’d better talk to the specialists. For sure, this will be more fun than doing it alone.


Instead of hiring a seasoned interior designer, we want to get some help from talented students of interior design. There must be some of them out there, at Sint Lukas or La Cambre, or other Belgian art schools.


If you are looking for your final project, consider our lovely house, and help us reveal its full beauty potential. We might select just one student to work with, but if others provide us with some great ideas, we’ll be happy to publish them, along with the names of their authors, on this blog, and our Twitter account!

If you are up for showing off your skills in interior design, and working as part of our creative team, submit a comment here! This would be a good kick start of your career in interior design. We also will be working on our garden, so ideas on how to improve it are also welcome!

Image by seier+seier on Flickr


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