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Shower with GROHE

May 17, 2010

We’ve written about choosing bathroom fittings and materials already on several occasions (check our bathroom related articles here). Understandably so, because we have two bathrooms in our new house we need to buy e v e r y t h i n g for, plus another space where we want to install a shower.

Having made our final choices for the two bathrooms, we still had our options open for the shower, which will be located in the space that we call a separate “apartment”. The apartment consists of a room plus a bathroom where we decided to install a shower, and not bother with a bath.

As you will see in a moment, we made the right decision not to decide on a shower model up till now!

As you might already know, the fun part of our house renovation project has to do with taking it online. As a result, I frequently spend a significant amount of time following developments in social media related to home renovation.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some activity on the Facebook page set up by the brand GROHE. The page was called Shower with Grohe, and as someone in need of a new shower, I of course “liked” the page.

Apart from only “liking” it, I filled out an application form to become the so called GROHE Shower Ambassador, which in practice meant that I could become a lucky winner of GROHE’s shower model called GROHE Rainshower® Icon.

And here you go, GROHE sent me an email last week confirming that I won, and will be receiving a new shower in the mail some time soon.

A social media fan myself (hey, even my professional life includes a large amount of social media and the web in general, since I help brands grow online!), I am very happy to have received this freebie due to my general love of the web. And it fits our crowd-sourced home renovation project very nicely — because it’s so timely!

I wonder what color will my GROHE shower be? It is set to be a nice surprise!

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