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Bathroom furniture and fittings – shop around…

February 24, 2010

In a previous post, I complained about the very high prices offered to retail customers by Belgian bathroom chains like Facq and Van Marcke.

Now we’ve been to get some starting ideas and prices, we have a few brands and models in mind and can start to compare prices online.

It seems that the Dutch market offers a lot of scope for discounts. For example:

Detremmerie Pascha high cupboard 40/33/172 (model 096h40l8)

Facq: 423€+vat 300€+vat 295€+vat

Detremmerie Pascha double lavabo 140cm with mirror cupboard and halogen spots (model 096140d8)

Facq: 2625€+vat 1859€+vat 1833€+vat

In both cases giving Facq a surcharge of 43%….

I tried the same game on taps, just to take one example the Hansgrohe Citterio M washbasin mixing faucet is offered by Facq at 316€+vat, whilst on badkamermarkt it’s 169€: that’s almost half, a massive 89% surcharge at Facq (and considerably more expensive than the model I recently installed in our bathroom here for less than 30€).

None of which explains why the Belgian retail prices are so ridiculously inflated, but it sure is nice to know…. and puts the bathroom budget back where it needs to be.

Badkamermarkt works with wholesalers all over Holland, where you can go for a complete visit with free advice. I think we’ll be going. Badkamerconcurrent will even take a fax with an existing offer and quote on that basis – though for me they’d have to undercut significantly as I think it’s only fair that the advice given is remunerated.

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