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Kitchen floor

February 22, 2010

As indicated in our earlier post, we have been thinking about what floor would match the kitchen cupboard fronts and the worktop. There we suggested two possibilities, but this weekend we found a third one that looks more promising. It’s a 45cm tile from (we think) the tile factory Casalgrande Padana, sold through Salvatore in Vilvoorde and quite cheap at 30€/m2 (we’ve about 20m2 there). Here it is next to some other tiles that resemble our choices for the cupboards and worktop:

"Native Soil" tiles 45-45 for kitchen, from Casalgrande Padana

"Native Soil" tiles 45-45 for kitchen, from Casalgrande Padana

Any thoughts on this option? We think it’s very smart, a nice combination of colors, and should be strong and easy to maintain. Perhaps a little dark in poor lighting but the kitchen should be bright enough. It also makes a better transition from the hall than the other options. In the hall we have lovely period cement tiles which we want to conserve. Here you see them with the current transition which is a bit brutal. The tiles have brown elements which should help the visual effect of the transition. I also find it important that the tiles we choose have a mat finishing as this gives further continuity. Finally, the color should also transition well to the planned wooden floor in the living room (to the left of the picture), even if we go, as we probably will, for a natural oak finish there.

Granito, cement tiles and current kitchen flooring

Terrazzo, cement tiles and current kitchen flooring

By the way, the stuff in the entrance is terrazzo, marble recomposited (here) with cement: it also has a typical period feel and although it is cracked, it still has for me a certain charm and replacing it is not on our to-do list for the moment. This type of floor which is cast on site is still made by some artisans in Belgium, but rather expensive. It’s now also bound with epoxy resin, which would probably make it a kitchen option, but we don’t see any overwhelming case for it.


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