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February 2, 2010

Saturday we visited Kvik on the Leuvensesteenweg, but didn’t find much to our liking. It’s cheap, or seems so, but maybe just not our style. Next to it though there is a place called Eggo, that one appealed to us more so we made an appointment for next week. Any other tips? We know we should check Ikea and Krefel. We want (like anyone?) quality and esthetics, but at a reasonable price. Doesn’t have to be rock bottom but it should be proportionate to the quality.

In terms of style: of course it has to fit in the house. I think we should be a bit faithful to the 20’s Art Deco esthetic but of course a kitchen has also to be contemporary and functional. The room we plan to use for the kitchen is in the center of the house and short on natural light, therefore in addition to plenty of halogen spots in a false ceiling, we think it’s important that clear colors predominate. We also guess that most of the light is going to reflect off the vertical surfaces, so the cupboards. Therefore, it’s a light color for the cupboards. We’d go for some variation on cream. But not glossy, we don’t like glossy. Also, a model without handles: they reflect the light from the overhead lighting and this I don’t find very esthetic. The drawers have to be nicely weighted and robust.

For the worktop, well laminate is out for sure; wood is pleasing but it scratches easily; Corian I could go with but I have a big soft spot for natural stone. Black granite with a soft matt finish (what they call here “gezoet” or “sweetened”) could fit the bill – without crystalline inclusions and obviously without veins – though shells I can find esthetic. The granite called “absolute black” (nero assoluto) looks good. Or a granite with more color? This one is called “Baltic Green”, which seems appropriate 🙂 Though I do see it online in a range of shades from pale to almost black.

This blue one from Brazil called Azul Bahia (Blue Bay) is also very pretty, isn’t it? But I wonder if it complements cream well – perhaps one would want to go more with light grey.


That leaves the floor, which we’re also redoing (we need to for insulation purposes). The floor will go through to the breakfast room at the back of the house. I like natural stone there too, but I don’t dare to go with any of the above. Well perhaps the blue one – but otherwise, they seem too dark. I do have a soft spot for terracotta especially the shades which are not too red.  But then we would need to find a harmony with the work surface which is not obvious. But in any case, polished granite on the floor in a kitchen is too much of a safety hazard.

What do others think? Did you make a choice that you loved, or regretted?

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  1. Wiebke permalink
    February 2, 2010 11:08 pm

    my maybe obvious choice…. Ikea .. mix as you like. What I found quite cool is the “Ikea HOme Planner” – free download from Ikea site – and then you plan ur home 3D – put in the metrics, even where electricity and stuff is – put in the furniture (obviously only the ikea selection – but if u know the dimensions of ur own furniture, just pick something similar.
    and then – magically you can look at the room in 3D, as it would look and feel like – and equally magically – the “shoppinglist” with the final number you´ll spend (if it was all Ikea…)

    and the client download version can download to ikea server – so once you´re in the shop, just reconnect and get advise from the friendly, and quite professional ikea staff.
    (now what more free publicity should ikea want…. I should get some sconto next time!!!)… See More

    … and sometimes they have good, interest-free financing options – at least in Germany, and provided u have a job 😦

  2. Wiebke permalink
    February 2, 2010 11:12 pm

    oh – I forgot – don´t even try to put the kitchen together yourself – unless you are a real furniture freak. Took the -quite good- expert close to 10 hours to build my 4.5 m Kitchen. and all looks neat, right angles, handles at the same height.
    I could never have done this, much less at that speed. and mind you, I can fit together “Billy” or a PAX box.

  3. Olga permalink
    February 3, 2010 8:00 am

    I like this crowd opinion project 🙂 Like the blue stone too…but not sure how to match it …
    terracotta always nice for kitchen floor, but then will be too much with blue counter tops.
    Prefer wood cupboards then cream…cream as in painted wood? Like natural wood gives kitchen a warm homey feel.
    terracotta n wood?
    like baltic green too…

    • Sean permalink*
      February 3, 2010 9:13 am

      Had the same issue with the blue stone, hard to match. We liked your kitchen too!

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